WILLOW TREE -  Nativity Metal Star Backdrop

WILLOW TREE - Nativity Metal Star Backdrop

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Elevate your classic nativity scene with the exquisite Willow Tree® Nativity Metal Star Backdrop. Designed by the renowned artist Susan Lordi, this unique piece seamlessly blends traditional elegance with contemporary design. Standing at 13.5” high, the backdrop showcases a harmonious arrangement of seven rusted brown metal stars, each perched on slender metal rods of varying heights. These stars rise gracefully from a solid, weighted base, ensuring stability and durability.

Perfect for enhancing any nativity set, this metal star backdrop adds depth and celestial charm to the holy family's serene setting. It is an essential addition to your nativity collection, bringing a touch of Susan Lordi's artistic vision to your holiday decor. Ideal for those who cherish the classic nativity collection, the Willow Tree Nativity Metal Star Backdrop promises to be a focal point in your festive decorations.


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