Willow Tree - For Always - Hallmark Timmins

Willow Tree - For Always

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Discover the Willow Tree “For Always” sculpture, a poignant celebration of the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Designed with heartfelt precision by Susan Lordi, this sculpted figure captures the essence of maternal love and protection. Each hand-painted detail on the figure highlights the tender embrace of a mom cradling her baby, symbolizing a vow to forever cherish and safeguard their bond. Not just a piece of art, but a promise etched in resin — "I will carry you in my heart always."

Technical details and additional information enrich this Willow Tree piece, making it a treasure trove of emotion and craftsmanship. Whether as a gift or a personal keepsake, the Willow Tree “For Always” sculpture by Susan Lordi stands as a timeless reminder of love's enduring strength. Add this exquisite piece to your collection and let the serene beauty of the Willow Tree “For Always” figure fill your home with warmth and affection. Perfect for new mothers, seasoned parents, or as a gesture of love, this sculpture will forever encapsulate the moments of tenderness and care shared between a mother and her child.


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