What Are Willow Tree Figurines Made Of?

The Willow Tree line of figurative sculptures capture a special moment in time, bringing back memories whenever they are looked upon. They portray feelings we can all empathize with, such as love, happiness, and loss, making it the perfect gift for any occasion for anyone in your life, even for yourself. An excellent figurine to represent feelings beautifully.

Most people think Willow Tree figurines are created from wood; however, we'll explain the truths behind these exceptional artworks.

The Story Behind Willow Tree Figurines

Willow Trees are figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. The first was carved in January 2000 by Artist Susan Lordi.

Artist Susan Lordi got her inspiration when she noticed that dolls do not have faces or distinct features in Old Order Amish country, following their theology.

Reading stories in books and watching videos both improve your brain's imaginative ability. However, independent researchers have deduced that reading triggers more than watching videos; this can make the experience more memorable than looking at another person's viewpoint. The same concept can be conveyed to Susan's dolls seen in the Amish country.

Because of the lack of details presented to you by the dolls and their faceless features, more can be visualized and become more unique, a concept which Susan utilized in Willow Tree figurines. She has paid particular attention to creating carvings that will urge people to feel strong, positive emotions.

Are Willow Tree Figurines Handmade?

The figurines are created from carefully hand-painted resin, cast from Susan's originals, hand-carved clay sculptures.

Sketching And Carving

Artist Susan Lordi hand-carved the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. She moulds using a special sculpting clay and sculpting knives that create the 'knife marks' impression of the figurines, causing people to think they were made of wood.

This unusual technique to product creation makes her works truly unique - her one-of-a-kind delivery is noticeable in each willow tree figure.


Once she was done carving a unique figurine and was satisfied with how it portrays an emotion, it was transferred to a factory in China to be cast in resin, a process that completely captured each of her knife patterns. The original carvings were reproduced as many times as was needed, after which they were individually painted by hand by other artists, with Susan's directions on how and what colours to apply.

This casting stage enabled every piece to maintain its artisan-crafted look yet be manufactured cost-effectively, meaning more people can appreciate these figures.

Susan Lordi partnered with the Demdaco company to manufacture, distribute, and sell Willow Tree products.

If you have a figurine with Susan Lordi and a date carved into it - wow! You own an authentic willow tree figure.

Where Does Lordi Get Some Of Her Inspiration?

Lordi is inspired mainly by people's everyday emotions, behaviours, and body language. She looks for wonders in the world that can comfort and encourage her. Moreover, Susan Lordi hand-carves her daily life with her family and friends. This organic approach to making figurines has allowed Willow Tree to establish a reputation for itself during the last 20 years.

Why Do Willow Tree Figurines Not Have Faces?

Lordi decided to let the Willow Tree figurines' body language portray the emotion instead of setting it into their facial features. She wants the individual to use their own imagination and see what they want, thus making the experience of giving or receiving the figure a very personalized one.

How To Clean A Willow Tree Figurine

Because the Willow Tree figures are made with thin layers of multiple water-based paint colours, they are unsuitable for water cleaning. It is recommended to use a gentle soft cloth, dry cloth, or dry brush to clean them. If the wings have rust, use fine-grit sandpaper and carefully rub to rid the wings of the rust.

How Do You Repair A Broken Willow Tree figurine?

Willow Tree figurines are made from high-quality resin. The resin applied is long-lasting and will not decompose or oxidize.

However, they are still fragile and can break when dropped. If you drop the figurine, using a two-component epoxy is your best option. Two-part epoxy is a resin and a hardener combination to make a firm, lifelong sealant. You can apply a very minimal application of two-part epoxy where the break occurred to fix them before they set.

Want One Of Those Willow Tree Products?

When you want a memorable gift that portrays a moment or emotion, choosing a Willow Tree figure delivers that genuinely personal touch. This intimate line of figurative sculptures can be gentle reminders of inner peace and those we've lost but still cherish in our hearts. 

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