What Are Children of The Inner Light Mugs?

When browsing for a special gift for friends or family, you may have come across Children of the Inner Light mugs. These mugs are easily identifiable by their simple, childlike drawings and inspirational messages. They are cute, kitschy gift mugs that promote joy, fun, and the special bond between friends and family members.

The Story Behind The Children of the Inner Light

Marci began doodling cute, childish characters for her friends and family. The simple but stylish sketch characters that she produced soon caught the eyes—and hearts—of people everywhere. She named her unique designs Children of the Inner Light in reference to their nostalgic adolescent drawings. Shortly after, Marci started selling her work out of a cart at her local mall. It was the beginning of her phenomenal success story.

Marci's Children of the Inner Light collection has grown to include mugs, tea towels, shirts, plates, key chains, note pads, vases, and even salt and pepper shakers! Her business has also grown; Children of the Inner Light products are now sold at stores across the country—including Hallmark Timmins.

Marci's Nostalgic Adolescent Drawings

Everyone knows Children of the Inner Light by their charming, childlike pictures. Each image was designed with care; Marci took inspiration for each picture from her childhood; she wanted to celebrate the fun, love, and deep bonds that children form, and adults remember, while as everlasting as the spirit.

Now, people across the country can give Children of the Inner Light mugs to one another. They can share the special thing in life: the bond between family, friends, and children—all embodied in a glass mug.

The Perfect Gift Mugs: Children of the Inner Light Mugs

Shopping for gifts can be very hard. You want to find a gift that the person will love and use. You also want the gift to show that you care for them. This can be a lot of boxes to check off while shopping around a hectic place like a big box store.

Children of the Inner Light mugs are the perfect gift. Marci has created a large collection of gift mugs that feature different friendships and family members. From your best friend to your mother, you can find a mug for every person you love.

No matter whether the mug celebrates friends or mothers, it is personal and heartwarming; an inspirational message is included on every delightful ceramic mug. With every sip of morning tea or coffee, their mug will remind them that life is a gift, friends and loved ones are to be cherished, to work hard, and always have faith.

A Peaceful Mug Gift Set

Whether shopping for Christmas or a birthday, your mother or friends, we recommend gifting them one of Marci's gift mugs.Everyone is sure to love the kind messages and charming pictures on her gift mugs.

It is an especially thoughtful gift when you combine a heartwarming mug with a tea towel, a package of tea, and a tea lead diffuser. It will ensure that your loved one has everything they need to enjoy a delicious cup of piping hot tea in their Children of the Inner Light mug.

Quality Ceramic Mugs

Not only are Children of the Inner Light mugs meaningful, but they are beautiful as well. Children of the Inner Light mugs have embossed artwork on the front and decorated handles that serve as a sweet spoon rest. Just inside the lip of the mug, you can find an inspirational message to read as you sip your tea or coffee. The hope is that the loving message imprints your heart and your soul, reminding you about life's greatest blessings.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Many people gifting Children of the Inner Light mugs worry about the quality of their gift. But they do not have to worry; Children of the Inner Light mugs are made of durable ceramic and printed with a heartfelt message and drawing. The high-quality ceramic ensures that all mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, so its inspirational message will never fade.

Shop Children of The Inner Light Mugs at Hallmark Canada

Are you looking to give that special someone a delightful gift? Visit Hallmark Timmins. We stock Children of the Inner Light mugs online and in-store.

You can find a sweet mug that celebrates the relationship between you and the recipient on our website; we have a variety of mugs that celebrates friends, family, and faith. Shope our Children of the Inner Light Collection today to find the perfect mug!

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