The Top 8 Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

Ever since jigsaw puzzles were first invented in 1767, they have been a popular way to pass the time. Individuals or the whole family would gather around to escape everyday life and complete a puzzle. But, like most pastimes, modern life and new technologies quickly replaced puzzles for scrolling.

Thankfully, everything old is becoming new again. Jigsaw puzzles, much like vinyl record albums and colouring books, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. More people are realizing the benefits of completing a puzzle rather than scrolling mindlessly on their phones.

While pushing yourself to disconnect and spend the time solving jigsaw puzzles may be a difficult task, it is extremely beneficial for your health. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles to show you the amazing benefits you can enjoy if you put down your phone and pick up a puzzle instead.

1. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

A jigsaw puzzle requires you to make assumptions, test out theories and adjust your strategies when issues arise. In other words, completing a puzzle is a trial and error task. By dedicating the time to solve a jigsaw puzzle, you can have better adaptive skills. Improved problem-solving skills can also lead to improved innovation, a skill that can be extremely beneficial when it comes to your career and creative hobbies.

2. Exercises Your Entire Brain

There is a popular theory that the left and right sides of the brain are each utilized for different purposes. The left brain is known to be analytic and operates in a linear fashion, whereas the right brain is known for its creativity. This psychological theory believes that people tend to utilize one side of their brain more than the other, meaning that people can either be left-brained or right-brained. While this theory emphasizes our different thought processes, it also stresses how we need to keep our entire brain active.

Jigsaw puzzles are a complete brain exercise because they combine creativity and logic. As the person imagines the puzzle pieces coming together to form the bigger picture, they need to use critical thinking and logic to determine how to actually make that happen. This is a great way to keep the entire mind healthy and both sides working together.

kid playing with jigsaw puzzle

3. Improve Short-Term Memory

Can't remember what you had for lunch yesterday? Jigsaw puzzles can help strengthen your short-term memory. Puzzles can strengthen neural connections and help generate new nerve cells. This can help improve mental speed and short-term memory retention. These benefits can help improve brain health and combat cognitive decline. In fact, many Alzheimer's patients and people developing Alzheimer's disease keep their minds active by spending time solving puzzles. Taking the time to piece together a puzzle helps keep nerve cells firing and combat memory loss.

4. Betters Your Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Visual-spatial reasoning, also known as spatial intelligence, is the ability to imagine or visualize the position of objects and shapes to form a larger picture. Spatial intelligence is an important skill to have because it increases creativity and betters your ability to perform everyday tasks such as driving, packing, following a map, and more.

Completing a puzzle reinforces connections between singular objects (or pieces) and the big picture.

5. Increases Your IQ

Family playing with jigsaw puzzle on a blanket

One of the surprising benefits of puzzles is that you can become smarter by completing them. Researchers from the University of Michigan found that spending 25 minutes a day solving puzzles like jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles can increase one's IQ by 4 points. Even Bill Gates admits to being an avid puzzler — and his IQ is 160!

Puzzles can help increase your IQ thanks to their ability to exercise cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities. If you are looking for great mental exercise, choose a puzzle.

6. Enhances Focus & Attention Span

When completing a jigsaw puzzle, you need to pay attention to the fine details. You need to search the piece of pieces for the one you need, locate the area to attach it to and ensure that it is the correct location according to the visual guide. The practice of paying attention to the fine details can help us better our work and become more precise.

7. Decreases Stress

When you are stressed, any tasks that involve apps and technology can heighten your nervousness. Technology often comes with a constant stream of information. As you try to digest all of this information, you can feel more overwhelmed and anxious than you did prior. So, instead of turning on Netflix to wind down from a stressful day, try completing a puzzle.

A puzzle is a meditative task. All you have to do is focus on placing the pieces together to form the bigger picture. As you complete this quiet movement, the tension held in your body will dissipate. Your blood pressure may also reduce, leaving you feeling more mentally and physically at peace.

8. Betters Collaboration & Teamwork Skills

Jigsaw puzzles allow you to form deeper connections with friends and family. As you and your loved ones work together to solve a puzzle, you must exercise communication, collaboration and patience. Not only will this exercise improve your personal relationships, but it will also benefit your personal development. Communication, collaboration and patience are traits that are integral to effective teamwork. So, when completing a puzzle, you can strengthen your connections with others and improve your teamwork skills.

Family playing with jugsaw puzzle

There Surprising Benefits of Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are not just a fun pastime, they offer mental and physical health benefits.

There are many surprising mental and physical benefits to completing jigsaw puzzles. They can help spark imagination, improve short-term memory, and strengthen brain cells and neural pathways. These surprising benefits make it easy to put down your cell phone and pick up a puzzle instead.

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