The Best Personalized Gift Ideas 2021

When it comes to giving gifts to a loved one, we often want to add a personal touch. This can leave us rapidly searching the internet for "personalized gift ideas for him" or "personalized gift ideas for her" in an attempt to find the perfect present for a best friend, family member or significant other. In reality, all it requires is a little thought and care.

Personalized Gifts

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The first thing that comes to many people's minds when they think about personalized gifts is that they require a lot of work. Gift-givers need to find a gift that they know the recipient will like, customize it, and have it ready for the occasion whether it be Christmas, Mother's Day, or another occasion. This can be a tedious task for anyone!

If you want to give personalized gifts without having to take the extra steps to customize the gifts, find products that are meaningful and unique. We have assembled a list of the best personalized gifts that don't need any real personalization, only thought and care.

Mugs or Wine Glasses

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One thing that everyone uses (and often finds they don't have enough of!) - are cups. Instead of gifting someone a plain mug, wineglass or cup, choose one with a special message or meaning to the both of you. For instance, Children of the Inner Light Mugs celebrate different connections between people with their cute characters and messages. Simply select a cup that celebrates your relationship with the individual. We guarantee Children of the Inner Light Mugs are a thoughtful gift that every person will love.


Those looking for personalized gifts but don't want to give something too kitschy should consider Willow Tree Figurines. Willow Tree Figurines are an intimate line of figurative sculptures, each portraying a powerful message through their simple, graceful forms and muted colours. Gift givers can choose between figurines that celebrate relationships, individual figures or a special occasion.

A Scented Candle

Smell is a powerful sense that is known to trigger memory and emotions. For most people, a specific scent can often bring back special memories of a past event, place or person. This makes scented candles fabulous personalized gifts that you don't actually need to personalize. Simply select a candle that the recipient loves or has burnt in the past. For instance, if your loved ones burned a specific scent at their wedding, purchase a candle with the same scent. Whether it is a birthday or Christmas gift, they will love unwrapping a present that reminds them of an important day or memory in their lives.

Custom Gifts

Personalized gift basket with wellness products, bath bombs, and mugs

Special occasions call for special gifts. A customized gift with a special message, a special date or photo can make any present one-of-a-kind. It will also be something that recipients will cherish forever. Browse our list of the best personalized gifts to gain inspiration.

Customized Fan Gear

Custom fan gear is the perfect gift for any sports lover, no matter their age! They will love sporting their personalized jersey to the next big game, whether they are watching at home or at the stadium. Simply choose a jersey that features their favourite team, then get it professionally personalized with their family name and favourite number. If they are a big fan of baseball or hockey, we recommend visiting the MLB or NHL's online webshop.

Custom Memory Photo Books

Life goes by so quickly and we often forget to slow down and enjoy it. This is especially true for those with young kids. If you are a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or you're close friends with someone who has a baby, give them a photo memory book for their child's birthday gift. You can fill the book with photos of them and their children or you and their children. These photos will be something they will cherish for years to come. You can also leave several blank spots for any pictures that they would like to add to the photo book at a later date.

Personalized photo memory book with pictures of grandma at pool with grandson

A photo memory book is also a great idea for a happy couple that has recently gotten married, friends who have gone on holidays together, or a family who wants to preserve their memories over the years. This custom gift is a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

A Custom Pet Portrait

If you are looking for a custom gift for a pet lover, consider buying them a custom pet portrait. There are many companies that will create wall art of a person's dog, cat and even bird! Styles of prints can also range from a 19th-century style portrait to a high-quality photo. All you need to do is submit a high-quality photo of their beloved pet and a custom art print will be created. These are unique gifts that are sure to be a hit with any friend or family member.

Monogrammed Bag

Looking for a great gift for someone with a fabulous sense of style can be a difficult task. You want to find something that is both stylish and meaningful. A monogrammed work bag or purse is the perfect solution. A bag is a functional accessory that can make a large statement, even if the personalization is an understated addition. Whether the personalization is simply the initials of the recipient stamped in the leather or their full name stitched into the interior fabric, they are sure to adore the thoughtful, customized gift.

The Best Personalized Gifts For Kids

Young mother giving monogrammed school supplies to excited young daughter

Even kids love personalized gifts! Custom gifts are a great way to show young children that they are unique and that you care.

Recordable Storybooks

Today, many families live far apart and only reunite during the holiday season. This can put a great deal of pressure on finding the perfect customized gifts that show them you care. Recordable storybooks are amazing Christmas gifts for little ones. Each Hallmark recordable storybook features a classic story, stunning illustrations and a high-quality audio system. Grandparents, aunts, uncles or other individuals can record themselves reading the story aloud. This recording will be played back anytime the child flips the pages, allowing you to read a story to them any time, anywhere.

Monogrammed School Supplies

Kids always need new school supplies, especially because they can often get lost or taken by their classmates. Monogrammed school supplies like a pencil case or notebook will add a fun flair to the start of the school year.

Shop Online For Customized Gifts

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