How To Wrap A Gift

Brainstorming Christmas ideas for friends and family is such pleasure and satisfaction when you find the one. Who doesn't enjoy watching someone's face light up as they open a gift and are overjoyed to find it to be exactly what they were hoping for the entire year? But make sure they are equally as impressed with your expert-looking gift wrapping.

Don't give up if your first few attempts don't have the incredibly precise corners and clear lines you want, because practice makes perfect. After a few tries, we are confident that you will become a true expert in how to wrap a gift, and all of your friends will come to you for advice on how to wrap presents. Grab your favourite wrapping paper, a pair of sharp scissors, some high-quality ribbon, and some tape, then start honing your wrapping techniques because you’re going to want to show them off this Christmas, for a birthday, baby shower, wedding, bat mitzvah, or whatever else is coming up.

Keep reading to find a step by step guide on how to wrap gifts, as well as some general tips for wrapping presents.

First: Measure and cut the gift wrapping

Once you've picked out the type of paper you want to use for wrapping the gift, it's time to measure and cut the paper. Measuring doesn't have to be super exact — you can simply ballpark how much you need using the gift itself or the box that it comes in.

Lay your present with the wrap face-down on top of the box, allowing the wrapping paper to roll around the box. Leaving enough paper to cover both sides of the box, use scissors to cut paper along one edge. You can leave a bit more space than you think you will need, since we will be removing the excess paper afterwards.

Next: Fold the gift wrap over the gift box

Pull the paper tautly up and over the far end of the box while standing on the same side of the table as the roll. Apply double-sided tape, then use your thumb and forefinger to make creases in the paper along the box's edge.

Unroll the paper and bring it to the end that has previously been wrapped. Leave an inch of overhang when slicing paper from the roll. Turn the inch under and make a crease there. If you have trouble working with the paper as you fold it around the present, you can always use small pieces of tape to hold it in place while you work. Just don't overdo it!

Then: Close the open ends

It's time to start working on one of the box's open ends. Fold flaps at a 45-degree angle, these can be created by pushing the paper's sides inward. The flaps are then creased to make a clean, flat surface on each side of the gift. Fold the top flap down. Sharply fold the top of the box, then repeat the exact same process where the paper meets the bottom edge.


In order for the bottom flap to properly align with the top of the box, fold any extra paper under. The bottom flap should be taped before being folded over and fastened to the top flap.

Finally: Add a ribbon

Place the wrapped box on a ribbon, face down (about five times as long as the box). Ribbon ends are pulled up, and the right end is crossed over the left. Pull them apart so that they cross. Overturn the box. Two ends of the ribbon should be around the same length. As demonstrated, tuck each end under the ribbon that has previously fastened. Tie the ribbon into a simple bow by double-knotting it. The loops can be shaped using your fingertips. To produce forked ends, pinch the ribbon ends lengthwise and cut at a 45-degree angle, as indicated. That's all, packaged and prepared for giving!

Final Thoughts

It's time to put the finishing touches on your gift now that you know how to wrap a present perfectly. Consider printing out some free printable Christmas gift tags by downloading them from the internet. A homemade gift tag can also be used to complete the item's wrapping.

A gift card doesn't need to be wrapped — simply tuck it inside a card and add a clever inscription, and you're done. With a large ribbon placed around their necks, stuffed animals are acceptable. And if you don't wrap her new bike, your recipient will forgive you without a doubt.


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