How Do You Play A Hallmark Recordable Book?

Many moms are searching for a way to help teach their little ones to read. Rather than choosing normal books, opt for recordable storybooks!

Recordable books are a unique gift that allows you to record personal messages and stories aloud. Your child can flip the pages, hear you read the story, and follow along with the text written on the page. It is the perfect way to read your little one without having to be there.

In this blog, we explain how to record and play Hallmark Recordable Storybooks.

How To Use A Hallmark Recordable Storybook

Recordable storybooks are great gifts that are both fun to read and record! Below, we explain how you can record and read using one of our Hallmark Recordable Books.

How To Record Your Story

1. Gather your friends and family for recording

After you have purchased a Hallmark Recordable Storybook, you need to record yourself reading the story aloud. Gather your friends and family that want to be a part of the recording. It is important that everyone sits near the book and in a quiet area; you do not want someone's voice to be too far away or drowned out by background noise!

2. Lay the book flat on a table in front of you

The book should be set on a flat surface about 12 to 18 inches away from you. This will ensure that your voice is loud and clear in the recording.

3. Turn the page and start recording

Turn to the first page of the book and press the "REC" (record) button. A voice will prompt you to begin reading after the tone. After the tone, read the page aloud. Make sure to read slowly and clearly to ensure that the message is clear.

Dramatic and silly voices are encouraged! It will personalize the story and make the fictional world come to life. You and your loved ones will also create memories

Note: Some books may have a record switch to activate recording. This switch can be down in the battery compartment. After opening the battery compartment, slide the switch to "REC," then proceed with recording.

4. Press "STOP", listen to your recording and lock it in

Press the "STOP" button once you have finished reading the page. In a couple of seconds, a playback of the recording will play. Listen to it and determine if you like it or not. If you are happy with the recording, press the "LOCK" button to lock in the recording for that page.

5. Re-record the page (optional)

If messed up while reading or are not happy with the quality, you can easily re-record the page. Just press the "REC" (record) button again, wait for the tone, then read the page aloud. Complete step 4 to lock in your new recording.

6. Read the entire book

Repeat steps 3 through 5 to record the entire story. Make sure to push the "LOCK" button after each page to lock in the recording. You are ready to give your finished storybook to that special child in your life.

How To Play It Back

1. Open your storybook

Recordable storybooks are designed for easy playback. Grab your book and open it to the first page. The user-friendly technology is designed to sense movement in the pages, and it should begin playing the recording automatically.

2. Turn to the next page

After the recording for the page finishes, flip to the next page. The next recording will start playing. Children can flip through the pages at their own pace, admiring the iconic illustrations and listening to the story being read aloud to them.

3. Repeat!

After children have finished listening to all of the pages, they can close their storybook and put it back on the shelf. The next time they are looking for a story to read after they have finished their bedtime prayers, they can grab their storybook.

How To Replace The Batteries

If your storybook is not working properly, it is safe to assume that the batteries need to be changed. Unscrew the battery compartment using a Phillips screwdriver. Swap out the old batteries for new ones, then reattach the lid of the battery compartment.

Recordable Books Are the Perfect Gift For Your Little One

A recordable storybook is a special gift that your child or grandchild will treasure forever. When they open the book and flip the pages, they will hear your voice reading the story aloud to them. They can listen and follow along, reading the words and admiring the beautifully illustrated pages along the way.

Whether it is for their birthday, Christmas, or a moving-away gift, a recordable storybook will be the perfect gift for kids. They can crack open the book and hear you read the story aloud when they miss you or are doing their nightly reading.

Hallmark Timmins' Recordable Storybooks

Purchase a recordable storybook today for your children or grandchildren! Hallmark Timmins is proud to have a wide variety of recordable books for sale, including classics like "All The Ways I Love You" and "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep." These are the perfect bedtime stories for kids of any age. Give them to them for Christmas, their birthday, or another occasion. They are sure to love them.

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