Housewarming Gift Ideas

If your friend or family member has recently moved, a housewarming gift is an excellent way to help them celebrate this exciting time. Moving is busy, tiring, and stressful, but an optimistic time for people. A little gift at this time, to share in this hopefulness with your friend or relative, is a sweet gesture that will be truly appreciated.

From practical gifts for those who need everything, to sentimental, thoughtful gifts to commemorate the change, here are the best housewarming gifts for anyone, with a range of price points to fit your budget.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

An elegant scented candle is a traditional housewarming gift that is always appealing. What could be more homey than the scent of fresh baked bread, captured in a candle? Country Home Candle has everyone's favourite scents to make a house feel more like a home. Essential oils and a diffuser are another good choice.

A cozy throw or weighted blanket is snuggly and can help them to feel more at home, and will help the new homeowner get a good night's rest in the new house.

Money trees are common housewarming gifts, traditionally associated with bringing fortune into the house. In addition, they are pet friendly and low maintenance. However, any attractively-potted plant is a cute housewarming gift. A cutting from one of your own houseplants, along with this sweet dragonfly planter, is a sentimental present to give one of your children leaving home, or a friend moving far away.

A custom return address stamp, with the new address, is another one of the traditional options, to help someone settle into their new space.

Thoughtful Housewarming Gift

Perhaps the best housewarming gift is something to help them settle into their new digs with a fresh start. A cleaning service to help them keep on top of things, or kitchen boxes to keep them fed while they unpack, will make their moving period much simpler.

A less common housewarming present is the gift of entertainment. Board games for the 'newly-moved' to spend time together and make memories together, while having fun. It is unusual, but will be appreciated, especially when they are hosting gatherings.

Interior Design Gifts

If it is a couple moving in together, this Willow Tree Triptych Duet is a beautiful ornament with an appealing sculptural design to commemorate the move. For a pet-lover option, this Willow Tree Love My Dog would be cherished.

Calendars are always attractive options, offering different art every month. They are also practical, especially for busy families. You can choose one that is just right, to match the decor and interests of your loved one.

A new home Christmas ornament will remind them of the excitement of their move every year when they put it on the tree.

Anything functional, as well as attractive, makes a perfect gift. Fancy hand soap and bar soaps, or a personalized welcome mat, add a touch of decor, but are useful, too. Coasters to prevent water rings will come in handy, as well.

New Kitchen Gifts

Kitchen essentials are always needed and perfect for new homeowners. A homemade gift basket, with items like a spoon rest, cutting board or cheese board, oven mitts, dish towels, and a bottle opener sets them up nicely. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe personalized mugs are both thoughtful and practical.

An upscale kitchen staple collection, like fancy olive oil, jams, and condiments will be useful for their housewarming party, and they will appreciate having finer ingredients on hand for future dinner parties, as well.

Don't forget about coffee or tea lovers. A new coffee machine to match the kitchen, or a gift basket of coffees and teas that look attractive on the counter, will make a great gift.

Small appliances, like a stand mixer, Dutch oven, rice cooker, or electric kettle will help your friend or relative make the most of the new place. If their new kitchen is a small space, the Always Pan replaces eight traditional cookware pieces to save precious counter or cupboard space.

Outdoor Gifts

If you have loved ones moving into a house with a yard for the first time, they will want to take advantage of the back yard as much as possible. Get them something for their garden, like this hand painted embossed glass and metal solar lantern, or this pine cone wood burning fire pit, for the perfect housewarming gift. These yard decorations are beautiful, and will be used all the time.

These metal fish planters are a great housewarming gift for someone with a green thumb. They are also suitable for smaller patios and apartment balconies.

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