Gift Ideas for Family: Best Whole Family Gifts in 2022

Buying separate presents for each person in a household can be challenging. A family gift that everyone can enjoy is a perfect solution, especially if it helps create stronger personal connections in the home.

If finding separate presents for each individual is difficult, choosing one gift for the entire household, which will please everyone in the home, can be even tougher. Searching for something perfect for family members of different ages, with a wide range of hobbies and interests, can seem overwhelming. However, the solution is fairly simple.

One thing every family wants is to stay close, or become closer, so finding a present that encourages this will make everyone happy. Activity-based or keepsake and personalized items are great for this. Often, these are the best gifts, since they bring families together, making them the most memorable and meaningful gifts.

Gift Ideas the Entire Family Will Love

Family Movie Night Gifts

Many families love movie nights; they are a relaxed and cozy way to spend time together. Why not give a movie-time gift basket to make the next night a little more special? You can make it yourself, with a popcorn maker, packages of popcorn and candy, and even this cute Better Together Popcorn and Slushie Magnetic Plush. Just find a large enough basket at a discount store and wrap in clear cellophane with a ribbon to tie it.

Mementos and Personalized Gifts

Family moments can be highlighted with a keepsake book or keepsake ornament. cherish those moments in your family history, with photo holder ornaments. You can add a formal or candid family portrait, pictures of pets, new baby pictures, or vacation photos. This Family Forever ornament is a cute way to decorate your own tree for the holiday season, but you can also gift it to other families, with their pictures already added. For new parents, a memory book like this Fire Truck Five Year Memory Book or Ballerina Five Year Memory Book helps welcome the new member of the family and will delight the parents.

A set of mugs is another fun idea. Personalized mugs or mugs like these ones by Marci let everyone have their own, special mug. Kids especially love to have their very own mug.

Personalized family wall art, like this Family Handprint and Photo Frame Kit, is fun to do and is a beautiful way to have a custom family snapshot in time as a daily memento. House signs or door mats personalized with the family name are also attractive and unique.

Great Gifts for the Outdoorsy or Active Household

Who doesn't enjoy sitting around a campfire? With this Dragonfly Wood Burning Fire Pit, any evening in your own backyard can be turned into special family time. Everyone will enjoy roasting marshmallows around it, looking up at the night sky, and simply enjoying the simple pleasure of a fire together. This is where great family memories and connections are made.

Sporty presents, like a basketball hoop or hockey set with nets, are other options. For the typically-Canadian, hockey-loving household, you could also include a hockey calendar for them to put in the dates of practices and games.

Games Every Family Member Will Enjoy

Family game nights are the ultimate for bringing the whole family together.

Any classic game, like Scrabble, Risk or Yahtzee, make a great present that stands the test of time. A card game like Uno is another fun choice and great for a range of ages, even younger kids. Board games like Monopoly are always a crowd pleaser, but a Holiday Edition version is beautiful and even more exciting. Trivia games are excellent for curious kids and adults, especially if you find a special one that focusses on a favourite topic.

Older groups may enjoy the challenge of an Escape Room game. They may also enjoy card sets like Start Great Conversations (TableTopics); these aren't traditional games, but they are a fun activity, and encourage conversation and help everyone connect around the dinner table.

The family game night doesn't have to just be about these types of games; jigsaw puzzles get everyone working together cooperatively, and can be quite addictive! The best family puzzles are relaxing and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Gifts for Foodie Families

For families interested in baking and cooking, cake pops pans or a cake pop maker is popular and encourages quality time in the kitchen. A s'mores maker lets everyone enjoy the taste of camping on cold, wet days, and gathers everyone round. An ice cream maker is another popular choice.

Shopping For That Special Gift

Presents that bring families closer and encourage time together are always valued and appreciated. Games or fun activities that get them playing and chatting together, sentimental mementos, and personalized items all encourage close connections. Everyone will appreciate, and love, the precious memories that these little bonding moments bring.

Thoughtful presents that remind people of the most important things in life will always bring joy, but being able to easily find these types of presents in one convenient location, makes it easier for the giver.

Hallmark Timmins is your one-stop shop for finding memorable presents the whole family will enjoy. We have puzzles, books, ornaments, mugs, outdoor and garden gifts, and more, as well as cards; you won't need to keep searching for everyone's favourite gifts, whatever the occasion.

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